The Brexit Party Limited

The Company In April 2019, Nigel Farage launched The Brexit Party Limited, a private limited company that was incorporated on 23 November 2018. Farage is currently the main director of the company, in which he describes his occupation as ‘ Leader Of A Political Party’, and is the only person listed as a person with… Continue reading The Brexit Party Limited

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Today I am sad!

Today I shared an interesting video on Facebook (the video is below), and a friend made a laughing emoticon to it. It was a serious video that showed a politician saying things that were not true, and the video factually corrected each point he made. When sharing it I commented that, “This is the reason… Continue reading Today I am sad!

Welcome to my world!

Hi, you made it!! OK, so just where have you made it to? Well, this is my own very personal blog. Who am I? I’m Jill Terry, and you can read a bit more about me here (if you’re interested LOL!). And if you want to chat with me you can contact me here. So,… Continue reading Welcome to my world!

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