Today Im Sad

Today I am sad!

Today I shared an interesting video on Facebook (the video is below), and a friend made a laughing emoticon to it. It was a serious video that showed a politician saying things that were not true, and the video factually corrected each point he made. When sharing it I commented that, “This is the reason why you shouldn’t take what any politician says at face value. ALWAYS CHECK THE FACTS! “

I couldn’t understand why they thought it funny, so I asked them, and also if they had they actually watched it; they replied that they didn’t have to watch “kying idiots” (think they meant crying)! That made me so sad in many ways. Nor is it the first time this has happened.

The first reason I am sad and disappointed, is that they commented on something they knew nothing about and refused to even see what it was about. Secondly, that they called the person whose business is going under a crying idiot. It shocked me that somebody couldn’t care less about a good business that employs people going under, for whatever reason.

This appears to be the view of the majority of those who voted leave. They stick their head in the sand, refuse to listen to ANYTHING that they THINK might go remotely against leaving the EU, and simply believe everything they are told by the ‘brexiteer’ campaigners, following their every word blindly and without checking to see if what they are saying is in fact true.

Why would you make a comment on something that you have not watched and have no idea of what it is about?

Thing is, whilst I have watched the videos they have posted, showing politicians hyping up the people with misinformation, I have never made a comment as I respect their ‘space’. Nor are they doing themselves any favours, according to private comments that I have received!

I’m not disappointed with anybody who voted to leave the EU (no matter what they may think!), but I am disappointed that they merely shout and ridicule blindly, without truly know what it is about, and that they’re totally unwilling to discuss their side with somebody who is willing to listen.

Whilst I will share this article with them, I don’t suppose they will even bother to look at it, let alone read it 😥


  1. These people who jump on an extreme, blinkered bandwagon with no thought or reason other than ‘popularity’ make me despair for the future of the UK. We can’t always agree, or even agree to disagree, and sometimes we cannot always rely on what we read on social media. But to make abusive, public comments about those who are articulating their feelings in a genuine, terrible situation is disgusting. Is this what the UK is turning into? The EU will be very happy to dump the UK at this rate.
    I have had to block a number of people due to their inability to articulate their thoughts in a decent way, showing an inability to enter into any discussion or consider alternative views. It’s mob rule.

    1. I so agree if you look at the Brexit partys rise to the top of the poles coupled with these extreme Green protests I see a similar pattern to pre war Germany.
      I grew up in post war Germany having a war service father.

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