Getting it all together again!

Well, it’s actually 2½ years since I last wrote in this blog, in fact I had taken it down for a time. But I do love my research and it helps keep my mind active, but then when I want to find something I had bookmarked I more often than not can’t find it as I have so much info saved! This was the main reason I started this blog – to write about things that interest me, referencing the resources so I can find them again easily. So, here we go again!

An awful lot has happened in the last two years, the biggest thing of course being COVID-19, and I have a lot to catch up on and to sort out all the info I have been researching.

To begin with I will probably going back and forth through my bookmarks, so the posts may not be in order!

This is going to take a fair amount of time, so, tomorrow I’d better get started!

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