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It’s no secret that I do not like Nigel Farage. He’s a sweet talker, saying what the people want to hear. Doesn’t matter if what he says is right or wrong.

Some friends of mine love him, and I really couldn’t understand why. The only thing one of them said was that he spoke straight, and he told it as it was. Hmm, just the opposite of my feelings about him!

Anyway, in an effort to learn more about the man, I started listening to more videos of him to try and find out why so many people love him, and if I was missing something. I must admit I found it hard going! The videos of his meets/rallies that I have seen are all just hype. He doesn’t actually say anything of interest, but merely gets everybody’s adrenaline pumping, so much so that they chant his name as though he is some pop idol!

I persevered but, to be honest, I just kept finding lie after lie, some small and some whoppers. It seems to me that his whole stance on Brexit is based on lies and deceit. I became overwhelmed with it all and had to stop for a while!

There is so much, that I have absolutely no idea where to start, so this post only talks about just the absolute tip of the iceberg. But all the info is out there and can be easily found for those who WANT to know the truth about this man. Maybe I’ll write a part two in the future, if I can cope, or will probably just write smaller articles on his statements.

In watching a LOT of various videos of Farage, I never realised just how much he actually admired and supported Donald Trump, and seemingly influenced by him at times. That by itself enforces my dislike of the man! I didn’t realise just how carefully planned his marketing was to make Nigel Farage a household brand.

Some of the lies Farage has said astound me at their audacity. To one University in the USA, he spoke of a street in Oldham “where literally one side of the street everybody is white and on the other side of the street everybody is black, the twain never actually meet”. At a later date he changed black to Asian! He went on to describe whole streets where, for 30 years, not one person spoke a word of English!! Seriously?!!! There are no such streets, not in Oldham nor anywhere else in the UK. I guess that was said in order to backup the lies on immigration that he has slipped in between partial truths.

Farage harps on that 70% of the laws in the UK are made by the EU. Whilst the actual number is difficult to quantify, the independent House of Commons library put it at just 13.2%.

Just one of his many lies on immigration, was that, “there is nothing we can do to stop unlimited numbers of people from EU countries settling in this country and enjoying the same rights and privileges as the rest of us.” However, you only have to read article 7 of the EU Citizens’ Rights Directive to know that what he says is a lie.

And of course there is the harping on about unelected bureaucrats running the EU – which don’t exist as they are all indeed elected.

Then there are lots of underhand tactics. In that Farage reminds me very much of the RSPCA (other ‘dog’ people will understand that statement!). Take the misleading Syrian refugee crisis poster (reminded me of the RSPCA’s pile of dead dogs poster at Crufts), that was used to insinuate they were all going to come to the UK, and by leaving the EU we would stop them all!!!

One thing that appeared on a few videos was his temper when asked about something he did not wish to talk about!

His job as an MEP

The video shows a young Farage saying that being an MEP was a “good job” and that “if you use your secretarial allowance to pay your wife, on top of all the other games that you can play, I reckon this job in sterling terms is worth over a quarter million pounds per year”. Thankfully, the EU put a stop to that when, in 2009, they stopped MEPs allowing to have close relatives among their staff. I bet Farage voted against that one LOL! Word is that he was ‘smarting’ from that decision.

One of my biggest gripes with Nigel Farage has always been the way he has epically FAILED to do his job as an MEP on behalf of the UK over the years. From the very start of his term as an MEP, his main aim has simply been to cause disruption to an organisation that he has never agreed with, and take their money. Not once has he even attempted to stand up and do what was best for the UK.

In 2012 Guy Verhofstadt stated that although Nigel was a member of the Fishery Committee yet he was never there, and that was just one example of his attendance. He has one of the worst attendance records out of all 751 MEPs. In fact he is at the bottom on just about everything except speeches! And when you listen to his speeches, all he is doing is behaving aggressively and antagonising everybody! Nigel himself proudly stated that he has NEVER voted for even one piece of proposed legislation. On those occasions he was there, he only either voted against or abstained – no matter whether they were good or bad! Nor has he ever made any amendments! I don’t think that is something to be proud of! Pretty cushy job for somebody who is already a millionaire!

Whilst that video is obviously a few years old, I honestly do not believe this leopard has changed his spots!

Today, Farage is still earning an EU salary of over 100.000€ a year, plus expenses, for doing absolutely nothing, other than causing disruption in the EU every now and again. He has certainly never worked on behalf of the UK in all the years he has been an MEP. It seems he has always failed to become an MP for very good reasons!

This man is reported to be a millionaire, has one known income that is 10 times what many people receive, plus other means of income (he works for LBC 5 days a week!), but in 2017 he said he was skint!!!

Oliver Norgrove, who worked on the leave campaign, said, “I can’t emphasise this enough. Farage was the first political figure ever to inspire me, around 4 years ago. As I grew older and watched so many of his pronouncements crumble at the feet of reality, I realised what an ignorant charlatan he really is.”

So, after watching umpteen videos of Farage talking, have I changed my mind? Urrm, I think that’s a resounding no; in fact I dislike him even more! As far as I’m concerned he’s a shyster, pure and simple, and I’m certainly not alone in that opinion!

I can sort of understand a tiny bit why so many people are being taken in by his sweet smooth talk, that’s one thing he can be very good at – telling people just exactly what they want to hear. And it’s a sad fact that a large number of people blindly believe whatever he says. The truth is really quite easy to find if you look!

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  1. Agree with you totally, just spouts a load of hot air and almost a clone of Trump.
    I call him a clown, if he wasn’t so dangerous he’d be hilarious.

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