Facebook’s role in Brexit — and the threat to democracy

The video below was published on 10th June 2019, but I have only just seen and watched it for the first time. It’s in the news again as the journalist, Carole Cadwalladr, will appear in court in London Friday 14th January 2022 to defend herself against an accusation of defamation brought by Arron Banks, the multi-millionaire businessman and outspoken backer of Brexit. The case concerns a remark made in a talk at the Ted technology conference by Cadwalladr in April 2019, and a related tweet.

I can hear you shouting, ‘Brexit happened, get over it! STOP bringing it up again and again, let’s just get on with life’. But to me this video is not valuable for it’s content specific to Brexit, it is valuable because it’s content can be applied today, to Covid! I expect you’re now saying, oh here we go again, stupid conspiracy theories.’ I have to say that in general I don’t believe in conspiracy theories; I find it hard to believe that anybody would be devious enough or want to do such things, but sometimes the proof is just there that the general public are being manipulated.

Open your mind and just listen to this video to see how easy it could be to mislead people.

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